Changing the world
one sweetener at a time

Since its introduction half a century ago, your sweetener barely changed. Now, a few small tweaks change everything. The elegant design of new ecoStick sweeteners saves space, reduces waste and delivers the same great taste.

Each ecoStick uses less packaging than traditional sweeteners, creating a sleek appearance and reducing our carbon footprint by over 47%*. ecoStick is also the FIRST GMO-FREE SWEETENER.
*SCS Global Services

Can something as small as a sweetener stick really make a difference?

Consider this: If Americans replaced traditional sweetener packets with ecoStick sweeteners in one year* we would save over:

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1.37 Million Pounds Of Corn Corn a47f0b48f41832112eda49786fe9a010f8538b4f3878f30f88489efaf4e0eb7f
274,000 Pounds Of Paper Paper e4066574386d6e6d479f7657e3aa84b3b60dc5f33a6022f77eaa26866a3e58e6
75,000 Pounds Of Cardboard Cardboard e1b946dd9956849824eb4ceed23229db214cde923328d840d71f49abe1a1fbb1
194 Truckloads Sugar 7bac83697b95a6a222a592e0e500f1ba5bcfc27d9381c03555d64c451be72531

*Assuming one billion ecoStick sweeteners used per year

Our story documented

The short-form documentary program "Voices in America" selected ecoStick sweeteners as a groundbreaking organization impacting trends in America. We are proud to share our story on how ecoSticks came to be and how they are making a positive impact on the environment. The below segment is airing on national and regional providers such as PBS, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, among others.

Npf 45180b6fc4f7187098497dac91a665b27f1366db528765c99b9a733eea9a46fa WHAT WE'RE PROTECTING

We live in a world that gives us so much, and we are dedicated to giving back as much as we can. We started ecoStick to do our part in reducing the carbon footprint of our planet, while delivering our customers the wonderful flavor they expect from the highest quality of sweeteners.


Thank you ecoSticks for reducing the packaging waste! Makes me feel good and makes my coffee so yummmmm!

ecoSticks sweeten the same as the packets I'm used to... but look so much cooler! Better for me and the environment... Win Win!

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